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Friday, July 28, 2006

Stink Bug

I was enjoying a delightful mid-evening snack in my Nimbus bowl last night, when all of a sudden, a disgusting black bug invaded my personal space. I’m not fond of black bugs, but I will pounce and eat the brown ones, as they taste slightly like chicken. I have never encountered a bug such as this before, so with my mouth still full of my delicious science diet, I proceeded to introduce myself and BLEEGGGGHHH—I uncontrollably spit out my food.

The thing exuded an utterly disgusting aroma that overwhelmed my nostrils!

I demanded that either Moby or the human rid it from my dining area immediately. The man quickly obliged. I encouraged him to squash the thing for the trauma I had just experienced, but the man claimed it would just make it smell like yuck even worse.

Upon reflection of this event, the bug's smelliness appears to be a defense tactic. I now wish the human hadn’t disposed of it so hastily.

There must be a way to acquire this ability to use to my personal advantage…particularly around brushing time. Maybe if I digest one?

I have Moby on the lookout for any of its family members that may be lingering in the vicinity. Oh yes, I will test my hypothesis.

Your swash-buggler,

Monday, July 24, 2006

Finally Done

Our new home is finally complete to my specifications, and the best addition yet is the new sectional. I like to snuggle up on it's cushy taupe-ness with my current read, Bad Cats by Jim Edgar, a cozy blanket, and my neck support pillow. Life is good.