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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Busy Busy

Sorry I have been life has been exciting and full of changes!

We moved into a new house. It's very spacious! I'm a little bored sometimes because this house is a lot quieter than the other one with all the cats. Moby is very happy though. He doesn't other animals except for me and the tortoises. He's actually happier than I ever remember. I can tell because he pounces me all the time.

I have discovered what trains are. We have one close to our backyard. Frightening creatures but they leave us alone. I stayed under the bed for an entire day when I saw that thing, but it leaves seems to be preoccupied with going back and forth.

The backyard is barren, but I'm hoping to go outside soon. The woman doesn't want me to roll in the dirt...she knows me all to well.

That's just a catch up! For those of you who continue to visit my page through my absence, thank you! I'll write more when the guy gets the desktop set up.

Nimbus C.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Close Quarters

This is a photo of Moby and I attempting to enter the record books, by being the first cat duo to fit into a tissue box at the same time.

I sent out press releases and had my agent call on his contacts, but the only person who showed to the event was the human lady. It's probably for the best however. It was a complete and utter failure. Moby's claustrophobia got the best of him while my paw got stuck in the opening.

Kitty friends, we are malleable, but heed my warning: Avoid the tissue box at all costs...only Flat Stanley could fit into one!