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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A Human Project

My human asked me if I could post an experiment to see how it well it worked. We worked out a deal involving extra outside time and a bonus kitty treat, so I graciously obliged.

She wants my creative kitty friends to finish the following story. Feel free to post one or two paragraphs in the comments section and leave the remainder of the story for other kitties to finish. The 6th person to comment is responsible for writing the concluding paragraph. Thanks for your help!

Here's the story starter:

A curious little kitty slowly opened her bright green eyes. She had just awoken from a glorious nap on her kitty condo next to the window. Hungry, she jumped down from her perch to nibble some food, but instead, she stood in shock at what she saw...

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Kitty Hammock

Here is a photo of Moby snoozing on his kitty hammock.

I choose to avoid this contraption. For some reason, when I get on it, the fabric sinks so low that I touch the ground. Moby and I haven't figured out why.

Your not fat, just fluffy cat,