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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Bed Hog

I was being a good pet owner, so I let Moby snuggle without me disturbing him...but if you look at my expression you can see the frustration building. What I really wanted to say to the little guy was:
"Move over you freaking blanket hog! And cover yourself up while you're at it, this isn't Chippendales!"
I try to be lenient with my pet, but sometimes I have to let him know I'm the pack-leader. I'm not a tyrant by any means, but I must display my dominance to maintain peace in the household.
Maybe he'll get the idea when he reads this.


Tuesday, October 18, 2005

My Cubicle

I dabble in the fashion industry here and there. Most my consulting is for Versace, Sean John, and Kathy Ireland.

It's not a glamorous as you would think though...above is a photo of me hard at work in my cubicle at 6:30am. My inspirations come to me at all hours of the day.

I think I may create a scent next. The lady always enjoys the smell of my fur after I wash myself, so it should capture the essence of damp fur and kitty breath. Any suggestions for what I should call it?

Nimbus the Glamorous