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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Beast in the Backyard

Sorry for my absence fans!

My teeth are feeling great and I have recovered!

I have been spending my free time battling the beast in the backyard. It appears to be almost snakelike, but it spits massive quantities of venom at its prey.

Luckily, I am immune to its poison because it drenches me each time I try to attack. Here is a photo of the two of us engaging in a duel:

I don't usually get thanks from the other backyard kitties after I conquer the beast, but I'm not in it for the glory. I simply feel good knowing the world is a safer place when the beast is defeated.

Nimbus the Conqueror

Monday, June 06, 2005


I love you…

Yes you…

The one looking at the screen right now…

I really do. I love you.

I love the humans too. They’re good people.


Huh? *Snort* What was I talking about? I don’t remember. But you know what? I love you.

I love that vet too. He’s good people.

WOAH! My teeth are damn clean! I think he had something to do with it!! I love that vet guy. Yup, he’s a good guy…being all considerate about my shiny grill.

Heard the humans say I got some “Special K.” If I knew that cereal made you feel this good, I would have tried it earlier, even if it tastes nasty and grainy.


Huh? Oh, hi. How are you today?

I love the girl. Where is that girl? I need to kiss her nose ‘cause I love her so much.

I’m pretty sleepy. I feel SO GOOD! This is good. Yah, real good.

I’m gonna go now.

NimBOOOSE the Caboose is leaving for the bedroom!

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Wednesday, June 01, 2005


So yesterday I was watching a little Animal Planet about some guy in Vegas who uses tigers in his magic show on the Strip and I experienced an epiphany.

Why haven’t I thought about this before?

I am destined to be a glitzy Vegas entertainer! Soon it will become a reality:
the fame,
the mansion,
the sparking backyard pool,
the babes,
the cars.
I will be the first cat featured on MTV’s Cribs.

So here’s the title of the act: Nimbus and his Acro-cat, Moby.

I have already started training the little guy:

I thought I could do a little singing too…I even came up with a stage name for myself: Wayne Nimbus. I don’t think “Mr. Las Vegas” will mind since he is no longer a nightly act in town.

PS: Max, the Psychokitty…when I get this thing going, I may be calling on you to be my understudy. I know you sing well too.

Wayne Nimbus
“The Entertainer”