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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Class of 2005

I am thrilled the man is graduating this weekend. Hopefully, he'll give me some more lovin's with all the free time he'll have on his hands. I hated being pushed out of the way while he was doing his school work. No offense, but if he didn't get the idea that I needed some lovin's when I walked over his papers and keyboard, then I don't know how he passed his logic courses.

Anyway...cheers to the man!


Congrat's Nimbus' Man! My dad is taking a class a semester to get a computer programming degree. I don't know why he needs to do that, he programs pretty good. On Tuesday pre-calculus homework ends, and he'll have more time to scritchy my ears. And he is taking the summer off too!

By Blogger Larry, at 5:51 PM  

Congrats to da Man! The Younger Human is graduating next week. the People seem very proud of him, but I'm not happy because it means another night of getting fed late :(

By Blogger Max, at 10:32 PM  

Congrats to your dude, Nimbus! No wonder me n' Meep couldn't find ya on The Strip - you musta been busy planning a party! Buzzerbee

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:19 PM  

Oh how exciting! Tell your bean Daddy that I said congratulations :) It am way hard for us cats to share valuable petting time with a computer and papers and books and shtupid homework. I did it all last summer and didn't get any lovin's for a while. Enjoy your scritchies Nimbus!

By Blogger Timmy, at 6:41 AM  

Yo, Nimbus - ya been partying hard or what . . . ?!?!? Where ya been?


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:37 PM  

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