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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Break Dancin'

This morning the humans were singing some tunes...very weird if you ask me. I think they had been to a concert the night before. It sounded like they went to hear some guy named Moby, which I hope is not the case because that means an imposter is going around with my pet's name. I worry about somebody stealing Moby Cat's identity...trying to fix your credit after such a situation is a complete nuisance.

Back to the point. The humans were singing this morning, which put me in the mood to dance. I decided to go to my dancing spot in the tub and bust a few moves. I love the thunderous booms my paws make against the porcelain. If everyone isn't awake in the house they will be!

I often draw a crowd. Some of the other cats peek over the edge of the tub to awe at my wondrous abilities.

Unfortunately, that annoying tail that follows me around all day gets in the way. I wish that thing would just leave me alone sometimes. When I'm dancing in the tub, it is so visible against the gleaming white surface. I get so mad at it that I


and I CLAW at it

and BITE the heck out of it,



...and it's at that time when I'm rudely reminded that it is attached to me.

It was an interesting morning indeed.

Your dancing king,
Nimbus Astaire

Thursday, April 21, 2005


Broccoli doesn't taste all that bad if it follows a juicy piece of chicken.

When you're stealing food off the human's plate, you can't be choosy about what happens to land in your mouth.

Your omnivore,

Friday, April 15, 2005

Outside Outside Outside

Look humans,

Us cats are wild beasts. Our ancestors have roamed the African landscapes for thousands of years, hunting bunnies and other fluffy animals.

THEREFORE, please pay attention to the following fact:

While Moby and myself have been branded with that ugly term, domesticated, we are completely capable of fending for ourselves in the wild. I know which neighbors like cats and which don't. I know not to run into the street because people in this town don't know how to drive. AND, I know to holler loud when I feel good and ready to come inside.

SO, please let Moby and me and all the other housecats play outside more often. It feels good, and it helps me to become closer to my roots. It's just the right thing to do.

Your kitty-rights advocate,
Nimbus Cat

Monday, April 11, 2005

Bath time

Bath time

There's nothing like having a best friend to wash those hard to reach spots.

Thursday, April 07, 2005


I'm awful sleepy tonight, so the woman is typing while I dictate.

This week has been very tiring in particular. From advising Donald Trump on investments to being the vocal coach on American Idol, it can wear a kitty down. I just can't say no. I can't help that I'm a hot ticket right now.

So, *yawwwwwn.* I must catch a nap now. I think I have an early morning interview with the Today show. I need to confirm that with my publicist though.

Nimbus C.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Moby is modeling what we call "Excalibur."

The man has been tinkering in the garage for the past two days. We've tried to sneak out there to see the top secret machine he was making, without success.

Then today, he wanders in, covered in dust, with Excalibur in his arms.

Note the area covered by the curtain. We call it the "womb." It is a cozy spot where I can secretly stalk any prey that may walk by, such as human feet or other annoying cats that live in this house.

Excalibur is beautful and if sure feels good under my kitty body!

Your king,

Monday, April 04, 2005


An Ode to Food...
By Nimbus E. Frost

Two bowls full of food,
And sorry I could not eat both
And be one nibbler, long I stood
And looked at them as long as I could
As my belly rumble continued its growth;

Science Diet, the first of the pair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
As it caused a sweet aroma in the air;
Though for the price you'd think it were rare,
On corporations we must place the blame,

Purina Cat Chow, the second, rests in its tray,
In flavor, this brand does not hold back.
Oh, what a fabulous feasting buffet!
However, I still cannot pick to my dismay,
Decisions, decisions, and this is only a snack!

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere I completely lost my sense:
Two bowls brimming with food, and I-
I gobbled them both in the blink of an eye,
And that has made by belly immense.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Dedicated to Mr. Lopez and Jojo

Hello fellow bloggers...

Have you ever suffered from a severe case of kitty boredom and decided to type your blog's name into a Google search, to see if anyone has commented on your writing?

I did that today, and I was surprised and interested at what I found. Many people have made a link to my site who I don't even know! Additionally, someone even found my blog so exceptional that he decided to BLOG about MY BLOG! Here's what Mr. Lopez and Jojo said:

These people are allowed to vote and drive
"Whatever did we do before the internet? You had to work in some low-skill cubicle farm or be related to people who held crappy potluck reunions or frequent public transportation to be lucky enough to hear someone narrate gross stories in the voice of her cat. Well, thanks to the invention of the information superhighway, the exploits of Nimbus the Cat are right at your fingertips."

WOW! I am honored. Although I think Mr. Lopez is a bit confused, because I am not allowed drive nor vote (although I am completely capable of both), I am thrilled that he is intriqued by my "exploits." I have never been to a crappy potluck, but I cannot imagine how a variety of foods together could ever be considered a bad experience. At least he doesn't have to wait for public transportation on the way to his job at a low-skill cubicle farm to hear about fabulous felines such as myself and many of my friends. I am just a click away thanks to cyberspace, and he can visit me daily, as I'm sure he has my page bookmarked! Mr. Lopez does not accept comments on his blog, so I wanted to dedicate this blog entry to him and express my appreciation for his kind thoughts toward me!

Your friendly cat,