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Thursday, March 31, 2005

My Belly

Here is it, in all its glory...

I believe my belly is my most attractive asset. It's fuzzy, soft, and it feels oh so good to be rubbed.

Everyone just naturally gravitates toward it. The other day I went to go visit this guy named Dr. Thomas the veteranarian. He was grabbing at my belly pretty intensely, so I said, "Hey guy, if you really want to rub my belly that badly, here it is." Then I flipped on my back and let him have it. The sight of my belly instantly brought a smile to his face.

The only thing better than a simple belly rub is what I call the "ear-belly combo," in which the area right behind the right ear is rubbed in conjunction with the belly. Purrrr...

In conclusion, my belly is perfect. I hangs down just enough to let humans grab it and rub it, but no so far as to brush the ground.

Your belly-licious feline,
Nimbus Cat

Monday, March 28, 2005

The force

After a long day of battle, nothing is better than resting your tired chin atop your Light Saber and taking a light snooze.

Here's what happened:

I engaged in battle with the Sith Lords on the Death Star. Moby Cat, my Padawan learner, petered out after dispatching about 10 Clone Troopers. He decided to hide under the blanket next to the couch to snuggle with his mouse. Here's what the little guy looked like:

I continued to engage in battle until I faced the Emperor himself. I gave him the jab of death with my Light Saber and watched as he took his last breath and perished before my very eyes. I was personally congratulated by Jar Jar and Queen Amidala.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to use my Jedi Mind Tricks to lure the woman into giving me some tuna. All I have to do is wave my paw and say, "You will give me tuna."

Nimbus Skywalker

Saturday, March 26, 2005

I have emerged...

I have emerged...

Hello fans,

I apologize for my month-long departure, but I was on top of the fridge.

I was conducting important research, which for your own protection, will remain secret.

I look forward to resuming my cat-friendly blogging in the coming days.

Your intelli-cat,