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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Pet Snatcher

Lady Cat

So you think she's cute, don't you? That's the problem, SHE IS...and Moby is eating is all up. He is supposed to be my pet cat, but he is spending an awful lot of time with this "Lady" cat-- if she's even a cat at all. She doesn't even know how to meow. She just grunts..."ehhh, ehhh." I think she may possibly be an extra furry piglet. Whatever species she is, she has cast a spell over my Moby cat. He isn't listening to me as he did before, and we only play tag for 30 minutes per day instead of an hour. I've never lost a pet before. It hurts inside. Nimbus cat has feelings too. I think I shall have a one on one with Moby near the kitty condos.
P.S.--Let it be known now that if she does not relinquish her claim to my favorite kitty condo perch as pictured above, she will experience the wrath of this furry ball of fire that is NIMBUS CAT. Ohh, I like how that sounded.

Your furry ball of fire,


She IS pretty.
She looks like me, only gray instead of black.

That would explain why Moby loves her.
I'm cute.
Well, SHE'S cute, but in a me sort of way... ;)

By Blogger Max, at 6:47 PM  

Whatever you do Nimbus...


She'll lure you in with her girlish charms. Perhaps you can give this advice to your Moby as well. I can't believe she's just layin' all on your beloved kitty condo as if she owns it. How dare she! How dare that Lady Cat lay there on that condo with her furry little toes and her fluffy belly and her pretty pink nose...and her...her lovely eyes...her eyes...her Purrrrr...

By Blogger Timmy, at 7:56 PM  

Hello Nimbus,
Remember us? It's Willow and Eve - your first ladies. We miss you so much being stuck here in the hottest city in kittie world. We're going to have to get rid of that "Lady" chic because she's laying in my spot. She is not as cute as us. Remember when mom let us stay with you for 4 days? We have to run and play fetch but we wanted to say hello.
Lots of purrs,
Eve and Willow, PHX, AZ
PS - Tell Moby we miss him too

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:45 AM  

AWWWWWW! I love you ladies! I didn't know ladies existed before you two visited my love shack! It's so nice to hear that you are in the blogging world! I can't wait to hear more from you beautiful babies!

By Blogger Nimbus Cat, at 7:36 PM  

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By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:31 AM  

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By Blogger Indeterminacy, at 6:03 AM  

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