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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Baths Are Not For Kitties

This is a picture of me as a pup. These were not my favorite days. I had ringworm and I needed baths and medicine FOR A LONG TIME! I'm glad I didn't know any better when I was little. I just thought baths were a normal part of being a baby. I was also relieved to find out ringworm was not a worm at all...thank goodness because that would be just gross. I think a lot of kittens had it at the shelter and they gave it to me and Moby. I will give the humans credit for being diligent and helping Moby and me to heal up.

I will add that I still have an affinity for water. I would never take another bath, but water sure is fun to play with in the sink when the lady is doing the dishes!

Your content cat,


Ringworm...yuk! Mommy's friends got ringworm from a poodie cat they found and were helping get better. It wasn't nice. But they're all better now and the poodie is such a handsome boy! :) Mommy said he looked like Yoda a'cause the ringworm took away all his hair LOL

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