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Monday, January 17, 2005

Bad Kitty Days

I just had two very bad kitty days (I think humans call those days Saturday and Sunday). Moby and I recognize them as kitty days because they are all about us. The humans are home from work and we get showered with attention. I still got showered with attention, but not for good reasons. The woman brought me to the awful place where there are tons of crazy dogs and cats, and they jabbed me with needles. I have done my research on the Internet and I have learned they are called vaccinations. I will forgive the human because I love her and I understand she was just doing this because it's supposed to keep me healthy, but it was not a good experience.

We had to wait for almost an hour and there was barely any line. Then, we were next to this weird lady and her cat. She kept talking to my human about how she hoped her cat didn't have any contagious diseases. Yah, that's just what I want to hear when I'm parked in a kitty carrier right next to her cat.

When it was all over, I was very happy, and I felt fine. But then, later that night, I felt awful. I threw up and I didn't want anyone to touch me because I felt so yucky. I slept all of the next kitty day in my hiding spot, and I didn't eat a thing (which it definitely not like me). The humans were very worried, but a vet assured them this was normal. NORMAL?! I think it sucks.

The humans have done some research and found out that kitties such as myself who had all their booster shots as kittens, might not need yearly boosters. I wish they would have found that out beforehand. So my fellow kitties, have you heard this news? What do you think, and how often do you get vaccinated? The humans are definitely going to find out more about this for me.

Your long-winded cat,


Oy. I'm sorry you had an icky day! Are you feeling better?


By Blogger Roopunzel, at 8:59 AM  

Nimb, this is terrible. I'm so very sorry you got pokes with needles. Needles stink. I don't know much about vaccinations. Maybe I'll ask Mommy to find out what she knows...

By Blogger Timmy, at 4:19 PM  

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