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Sunday, December 26, 2004

English 2

There are lots of cats in this house. I don't even mind them all, but you know what my biggest Nimbus Peeve is? Their names! Why does the woman have to add the "eee" sound to ALL OF OUR NAMES.

My name is Nimbus, not "Nimbee."
Then there is Moby, Minnie, Mickey, Lucky, and Lady...all already with the dreaded ending.
Next, there is Love, but she insists on calling her "Lov-eee."
Finally, there is Snowflake, and she calls her "Snow-eee."

I can't stand it. I'm going to scream!

Nimbus, not Nimbee


Hey, my humans do that to us too. Larry, Hannee (Hannah), Izzy, Sammie, KCeee, Jinky. Yes, there are six of us. Then two dogs. Shadow(eeee) and Jannie. See, eeeee's! ARGH!!!

Come visit us if you haven't already....


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